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EMERSON Liebert GXT1000-MTPlus

Liebert GXT-MTPLUS On-Line 1000VA/800W 230V LCD Tower ; USB / Serial software

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Rp‎ 8.600.000


USA Brand Uninterruptible Power System
2 Years Warranty include Battery !!

The Liebert GXT MT+ features best-in-class power protection for critical applications with the use oftrue on-line double conversion technology. The Liebert GXT MT+ has a comprehensive specification that provides a higher level of availability to the IT equipment. It satisfies safety criteria and electromagnetic compatibility standards while offering intelligent monitoring and network management functions. This high performance UPS with proven reliability is available in a compact tower design.

Detail Specifications

Features :
  • Double conversion on-line technology  
  • Standard mdels and long beckup models available  
  • Extended runtime capabilities by bulding up additional battery resources  
  • Compact tower design  
  • Flexsible (site spesific) Battery Configuration  
  • Generator compatible with input frequency range (40 to 70 Hz)  
  • 0.8 Output power factor  
  • Class B electromagnetic interference (EMC)  
  • Ultra wide inout voltage range  
  • High input power factor & low THDi  
  • Emergency power off (EPO)  
  • Configurable to energy saving mode (ECO)  
  • LCD display for operational convenience and status / fault information  
  • Programmable outlets allow shutting oof non-critical during battery operation to converse battery power for other critical loads  
  • Remote monitoring is availabe
Interface : 1 x management - USB 
Output Power Capacity : 1000VA / 800W 
Output Power Voltage : 208 / 220 / 230 / 240VAC 
Battery Type  : 12v / 7Ah 
Dimensions : 220 x 145 x 397 mm 
Weight : 14 Kg 
Form Factor : Tower 
Warranty : 2-Years Warranty (Include Internal Battery) 
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